4 Ways of Choosing The Best Products For Your New Splash Park | Sept. 27th, 2019

September 27th, 2019

It’s done. You have approval to move ahead with your new splash park project. Now you need to decide on which water features and play structures to install.

But with so many options, where do you even begin? If you have a larger park, the “anchor” features of the aquatic play area may already decided, but the “inline” features need to connect all the play experiences.

How to Choose the Best Products for Your New Splash Park

We’ve listed below some considerations to give you some ideas of how to choose the right splash pad equipment for your facility and target markets.

Look at Your Budget – This might seem obvious but, especially if you are equipping a municipal park, you may be under budgetary constraints that will at least partially dictate the park equipment that you can choose. Depending on the space and it’s requirements, you may be able to get a few higher-end structures, or a number of smaller pieces.

Maximize Your Budget – There are ways to get more from any spray park building budget. Depending on the water playground equipment you choose, sometimes the additional costs, like running water supply lines to each one, and potentially having a separate pump system for each one.

Instead, if you choose “self-contained” water play structures, like Aquatoys Plug n’ Play, you can avoid the majority of added costs, including installing water supplies and building foundations.

Consider Interactivity First – Children of all ages love water parks. Your splash park should have a range of features to suit them all and maintain a variety of play options. But, when budgets are an issue, and you have to find a reason to choose one structure over another, choose the one that offers interactive play versus passive spray. They’re just more fun.

Remember Safety – As it is with every aspect of the planning, design and construction of a water park project, safety must be the priority. Look for equipment with low electrical and heat conductivity, no protrusions and pinch points, and can be easily installed without the need for construction that can pose a safety hazard.

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