5 Reasons to Choose Splash Pads & Spray Parks Over Pools | Feb. 10th, 2022

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February 10th, 2022

For almost 150 years, local governments have installed water attractions to keep their constituents cool and active. A public pool in Brookline, Massachusetts is credited with being the first in the U.S. For about 100 years, pools remained the water feature of choice for local governments. Splash pads and spray parks were unheard of.

The community pool is where we learned to swim. We hung out with friends there. And lifeguarding at the pool is a prime summer job for high school and university students.

But, for many, the community pool was not that close. We had to walk a long way, take the bus, or get a ride. Then, when we got there, we had to line up for tickets; change; shower, and finally head out to an overcrowded pool. And pools did little for those who couldn’t swim.

All of those potential drawbacks are among the reasons that communities started installing splash pads and spray parks.

Why Choose Splash Pads & Spray Parks Over Pools?

Splash pads and spray parks are community playground installations that are a collection of water features. Spray park equipment is often user-operated. It generally shoots, sprays or drops water on patrons and is as accessible as any other playground equipment, like swings and slides. Here are just some of the reasons that they are preferable to pools for your next community park.

1. Much Lower Cost

There are so many ways that splash pads are far less costly than pools that we’re just going to list them:

  • Lower planning, construction and maintenance costs
  • Lower insurance costs (much less risk of water-related injury)
  • Less support infrastructure required (change rooms, admission gates, etc.)
  • Less labor, equipment and supplies needed to operate
  • Lower operating costs due to faster maintenance and repairs

2. Overcrowding Not an Issue

Due to open, not gated or fenced, layouts, spray park capacity is fluid. Even if an installation is regularly crowded, it’s relatively easy to expand it or add another nearby.

3. Inclusive Accessibility to All Ages & Abilities

There’s no particular skill (like knowing how to swim) or physical standard (like being a certain height) required to enjoy a splash pad.

4. Space Open Year Round

The space that pools occupy is off-limits in winter. But, splash pad spaces are open all year long.

5. Better Water Conservation

A far lower percentage of the freshwater used in spray parks is lost to evaporation and runoff compared to a pool installation.

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