5 Reasons to Install a Splash Pad in a Hotel or Resort Property | Oct. 22nd, 2019

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October 22nd, 2019

With online competition for reservations getting stronger every day, hotel and resort operators need to find new ways to not only attract reservations, but to combat price competition. If your property is kid-friendly, installing a splash pad offers a number of bottom-line boosting advantages for maximizing your occupancy rates and enjoying the downstream advantages of doing so.

The Advantages of Installing a Splash Pad

Minimal Water Consumption – When compared to a pool, a splash pad uses a fraction of the water. That also means a fraction of the water treatment costs, a fraction of the pumping equipment and a fraction of the equipment maintenance costs.

Kids Make the Decisions for Family Travel – No, they don’t necessarily tell their parents where they’re going, but their “pester power” will quickly convince parents to choose accommodations more to the children’s liking. Accommodations where they can enjoy water play.

Guests Spend More Time on the Property – With more reasons to stay on your property versus heading out for amusement, entire families will spend more time with you. And spend more at your restaurants, vending machines, shops and other amenities.

Safer for Your Guests – With grippier surfaces than pool decks, and little or no standing water, your guests are far less likely to suffer a personal injury or emergency on a splash pad than in a pool.

You Can Easily Turn It Into a Spray Park – If you choose the right water features, your splash pad can convert into a full, interactive spray park without a major renovation. Plug n’ Play spray park equipment features self-contained pumps, they are surface-mountable (no need for a complex foundation) and they can be installed in as little as 6” of water. Interactive aquatic play areas make your hotel or resort more of a destination property.

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