8 Waterpark Maintenance Tips for Park Opening | May 8th, 2019


May 8th, 2019

As we all get ready for the opening of the season, the more you do now to check that your entire park is in good working order, the less chance you’ll have of a costly shut down later. If your operation includes a water park or splash pad, it’s like you have to do that for two different parks.

To make sure you don’t miss anything in your splash park, we’ve put together the list below of water park maintenance tips you should follow before opening your park.

Follow These Waterpark Maintenance Tips Before Opening Day

Proper maintenance of your water or spray park equipment keeps your guests happy and safe, reduces your overall maintenance and repair costs and extends the life expectancy of your equipment. So be sure the check the following waterpark maintenance tips.

1) Ensure No Stagnant Water is Left in the Lines – We list this one first because it’s an easy one to miss, and it’s as important as any other maintenance task. Even if you did a stellar job of clearing out the lines when you closed last fall, stagnant water may still be in the system due to condensation, seepage or, well, even when you do a great job, it’s tough to get rid of all the water.

2) Review the Chemicals in the Tank – Of course, when the park is open to the public, you need to do your water quality testing and maintain chemical levels according to local health guidelines. But even before it opens you should be checking chemicals at least daily to minimize the nasty surprises after your open.

3) Properly Run the System Long Before Opening Day – Be sure to run water through all the equipment well before opening day and again after any repairs or adjustments are made. You want to ensure that water flow is consistent and meets the specifications for the equipment.

You should do this sooner than later because, if a problem is found, you must have enough time to fix it and retest the system. Even if you test everything several times before opening day, be sure to have a final “dress rehearsal” before you open.

4) Check for Leaks in the Lines – Before and after you run your system, check for leaks in the lines and joints. Always keep an eye out for any pooling or standing water, whether it’s near lines and equipment or not.

5) Pressurize the Lines – You get higher water pressure from municipal sources than you need for your equipment. Make sure that your pressure regulators are working properly by checking for proper operating pressure and flow to all equipment.

6) Do a Safety Check of All Water Toys – Closely inspect every piece of water park play equipment. Look for cracks, chips, holes and wear and tear on play surfaces; check that all joints fit properly and evenly, and check that water supply filters are free of debris buildup or blockages.

7) Check Electrical Systems – In addition to making sure all equipment operates to specification, check that electrical lines, connections and control panels, and the areas around them, are dry to minimize the risk of shock.

8) Check Your Drainage – Of course, you fill pools, pump water through play structures and run it down slides. But what happens to it after that? Over the winter, fall leaves and other debris could have collected in the wrong places. A back up in your drainage system could cause as big a problem as any other issue.

These waterpark maintenance tips are sure to help you out. Your job to get ready for opening day may be easier than you think, depending on the water park equipment manufacturer you chose. For example, Empex’s Aquatoys Plug ‘n’ Play line of equipment is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Built-in pumps mean you don’t need piped-in water, or the headaches that it can cause. The equipment is also corrosion-free and comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty. Some of our most popular Plug n’ Play products include the Waterbike, Baby Bungee, and the Squirtin’ Frog.

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