Are Spray Pads Educational?

May 18th, 2022

Children think spray pads are a blast. Parents think of spray pads as a great, healthy way to keep their children occupied, and maybe have a moment to catch up on podcasts.

But, with being so many different things to so many people, can spray pads also be educational?

How Spray Pads Can Help Children Develop

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll quickly realize that, yes, spray pads are educational. And they offer children many other developmental benefits too.

Problem Solving

Here’s a scenario to illustrate how a spray park can help children develop problem solving skills. The dunking bucket is quickly filling with water. The children don’t want to get ‘caught’ by the splash. But there’s no way of knowing when the bucket will tip, and when they should jump out of the way. Or is there? If you keep looking, does the bucket give you a hint that it’s time to jump before everyone else does?

Motor Skills

The dunking bucket is also a great example of developing motor skills. As are water shooters. Using them means not only ducking out of the way at the right time, but knowing when and where to shoot to soak your opponent.


When they are about to get splashed by the other team, children quickly learn the importance of clear communication. Then, when they plan their counter moves, those same skills are developed even further.

The Benefits of Sharing

While children can enjoy spray pads on their own, it’s more fun with more people. But, if anyone decides that they want a water spray feature to themselves, they might quickly find themselves without play mates. Maybe it’s better to take turns with lots of people than to have something to yourself, but be on your own.

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