Benefits of Watertoy or Splash Pad Installation? | June 21st, 2018

June 21st, 2018

If your business needs a boost or if you’d like to make it even more successful, watertoys or splash pad installation can be the answer. It provides a fun attraction that will drive people to your business. Having something that attracts children will help your business tremendously as it brings in more parents which in turn means more customers.

So which types of businesses have actually benefited from including water park equipment in their projects?

1) Hotels & Resorts

If your hotel or resort wants to instantly live-up to your claims of being family-friendly, a splash pad does the trick nicely. Not only does it put more guests in every room, but it also turns your property into a destination.

2) Campgrounds

Many owners and managers of campgrounds that are on the water don’t consider investing in watertoys or splash pads. But what they might not consider is the obligation of parents to closely supervise every second of time their children spend in a lake, river or pool. But a safe water playground with a zero depth surface (no standing water) gives Mom & Dad a moment where they don’t have to be constantly watching over their kids. A moment they’ll cherish.

3) Municipal Parks & Recreation Facilities

It’s always a challenge to offer the community the services and amenities they want while staying within your budgets. A splash pad installation is probably less costly than you think and it will become a focal point of the neighbourhood.

4) Housing Complexes

Residential real estate markets are competitive all over the world. From around-the-clock security to well-equipped community centers, developers are looking for any edge to attract more buyers to their projects. They should look no further than a spray park that appeals to families of all ages.

Empex Watertoys® designs, builds, and installs the most fun and reliable water toys, water park, and splash pad equipment.

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