Creative Thinking: Why Parents Should Take Kids to a Splash Pad | Nov. 19th, 2020

November 19th, 2020

As a parent, have you ever wondered why, after buying something for your young children, they have more fun with the cardboard box than with whatever was in it?

As infants, and throughout their childhood, children’s actions are generally driven by two things. Curiosity and fun. Babies in arms put everything in their mouths not just because they’re hungry, but it’s their way of learning about the object.

Older children are attracted to the cardboard box because it can be a fort, dollhouse or just about anything they can imagine. Whatever was in the cardboard box will only ever be whatever it is right now.

That curiosity about things around them, and how they can have more fun with it, helps children develop something that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. Creative thinking.

How Splash Pads Encourage Creative Thinking

If you’ve never watched how children play in a splash par or spray park, you should. Better parks, the ones with the right splash pad equipment and water features, are designed to stimulate creative thinking in children.

While you might think that your kids love the spray park just because, well, who doesn’t like splashing in water, the reality goes much deeper than that.

Sprayed water is constantly in motion, shape-shifting, breaking up, coming together and changing location. It’s why your children will delight, and find new ways to play, in a simple stream of water from a hose. They can get soaked, jump through it, create “rules”, share it, sit, stand or run; make it a reward, or a punishment. All from a constant, single stream.

Now imagine the brain food that an entire splash pad or spray park full of interactive water features represents for your children’s minds. A park where the water spins, pours and spurts. A place where they can play alone, safely interact with others, or even get you, Mom & Dad, to play with them.

So it’s time to go to a waterpark. Your children will love you for it.

For the story about one common spray park water toy that captures children’s imagination more than others, check out our article “Why One of the Simplest Water Features is One of the Most Popular”.

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