Do You Love Water Parks? | August 20th, 2020

August 20th, 2020

Expect These Changes Due to Coronavirus

Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid any serious consequences due to the coronavirus pandemic, you still might not find it easy to go through summer without visiting a splash pad, spray park or water park. With all facilities establishing health and safety protocols, make sure you read on their COVID-19 water park safety before visiting.

You’re lucky if they’ve managed to reopen and stay open in your area. But if they haven’t reopened, or you haven’t had a chance to visit those that have, here’s what to expect when you visit a water park during coronavirus.

Book a Time – Whether you’re going to your community spray park, or nearby private water park, it’s very likely that you’ll be required to book a time online for your visit. This helps the management of the facility limit the number of guests at any given time. Due to demand for the facilities, many are limiting visit times to one hour.

Stay Home – If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you are expected to stay home. While it’s generally felt that the virus doesn’t spread easily in properly-treated water, there’s also the splash pad equipment, washrooms and change rooms where you could easily infect others.

Wash & Disinfect Your Hands – Again, the water may not pose a threat of contracting the virus, but other parts of the park equipment and facilities may be. By washing and disinfecting your hands before and after your visit, you minimize the chance that you spread the virus, or that it is spread to you.

Be Responsible – It’s difficult for children to practise social distancing when they finally get to the water park and start splashing. If you’re a child, a kid at heart, or a parent, help keep yourself, your family and others safe by trying your best to social distance. Remember, if coronavirus infection rates go back up, water parks, splash pads and spray parks will be forced to close again.

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