Don’t Make These Water Park Maintenance Mistakes | Feb. 20th, 2019


February 20th, 2019

It can reduce your foot traffic, increase your equipment repair and replacement costs and/or slash your profit. And it can all happen without you even knowing it. Common water park maintenance mistakes can increase costs and decrease sales in many hidden ways.

When you start to think of the possible implications, you can understand the real costs of maintenance mistakes. Those costs aren’t related only to saving money on maintenance including unsafe guest experience, shorter equipment lifespan, and huge repair and replacement expenses, the common maintenance mistakes that parks make can affect almost every aspect of their business.

Here’s one scenario to illustrate that last point. Even a simple maintenance mistake can lead to increased marketing costs. Here’s how: the poor guest experiences and shorter equipment lifespan caused by a maintenance mistake means you’ll have to spend more to promote your park to make up for increased repair costs and negative goodwill.

Stop Making These Maintenance Mistakes

Again, even small maintenance mistakes can mean big costs. As water park equipment manufacturers for decades, we know a thing or two about how to properly maintain that equipment and avoid huge repair costs. Here are the maintenance mistakes we see the most.

1) Not Maintaining Slide Surfaces – Slide surfaces must remain slippery in the face of UV exposure and chemicals in the pool water. You must maintain a regular schedule of cleaning, buffing, waxing and repairing the joints of the slides. Not only will it improve customer goodwill for the park, but it will help delay the high cost of replacement.

2) Not Budgeting for Maintenance – You may be tempted to avoid regular maintenance as a cost-saving measure. But that will cost you more in the long run. Our clients around the world who maintain their parks properly do so by having an annual budget to meet maintenance schedules.

3) Not Replacing or Repairing Broken Structures – The longer you avoid repairing or replacing broken equipment or parts, the more it will cost you later on.

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