Empex Watertoys® Introduces New Aquatropica™ Selection | Sept. 29th, 2015

September 29th, 2015

Markham, ON-based waterpark equipment manufacturers, Empex Watertoys® have recently announced they’re now offering their AQUATOTS™ line of equipment to day care facilities and preschool-focused water park facilities across the globe. The company’s AQUATOTS™ products are designed to appeal to preschoolers and take the form of small, child-like spray people for a dynamic and fun water play experience.

Through engaging interactions with waterpark equipment, children can learn how to express themselves as they enjoy playing with family and friends. Leading-class waterpark equipment can help children learn more on water dynamics, and become acquainted with the way in which water moves, while in a safe environment. As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of waterpark equipment, Empex Watertoys® is now offering a new line of engaging products to appeal to preschoolers.

The company’s AQUATOTS™ are ideally suited to water parks in daycare centers, as well as in play areas at hotels and resorts. Each product has been designed harnessing durable, safe material to ensure optimal performance within the facility. There are range of AQUATOTS™ to select from, including the AT101 Aquatot Pirate Captain and the AT104 Aquatot Fireman. It’s the ideal selection for enhancing family water play areas.

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