How to Turn Your Water Park Equipment into a Marketing Machine for Your Park | Aug. 17th, 2018

August 17th, 2018

You’ve seen the amusement park television advertisements where they show you people enjoying all their latest rides. In other words, part of their investment in new rides and new ride technologies can be paid back by using those new rides to help attract new customers to the park.

If you own or manage a water park or splash pad, you might look at those advertisements wishing you could do the same. Imagine how your attendance would increase if you were able to show the world every water toy in your facility being enjoyed by your visitors.

How to Market Your Water Park Equipment to the World

Whether you have a large water theme park, a water park section in a larger amusement park, a water toy installation in a hotel or resort, or even a community splash pad, you can use your water park equipment to help market your facility.

How? Use the internet and social media to promote videos and images of your facility.

Depending on your location and the time of year, there could be thousands of Google searches every month for terms like ‘water parks near me’. Of course, the vast majority of those searches will be from people who want to visit a water park right now or sometime in the future.

When someone searches online for ‘water parks’ or ‘splash pads’, they don’t just get listings for websites. They are also given ‘Video’ and ‘Image’ options, which often appears above website listings on the search result page.

When they see the images and videos you create of your water park equipment, they’ll be more likely to choose your location as their destination.

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