Here’s How to Refresh Your Splash Park on a Budget | Aug. 30th, 2019

Spray Park To Increase Its Value

August 30th, 2019

Even if yours is not a standalone splash park, you know the importance of at least occasionally adding new water features, or replacing older, less used features. But, when you start looking into the cost of adding a new feature, including changes to your water distribution and/or treatment system, adding water pipes or altering your splash pads or other splash pad equipment, it suddenly becomes a daunting task.

So you need to find a way to refresh your splash park on a budget. While it sounds almost impossible, you need to keep the attractions in your park up-to-date and in good operating condition if you’re to keep your guests of all ages happy and coming back for more

Refresh & Improve Your Splash Park on a Budget

The Aquatoys Plug n Play line of water toys was designed specifically to need minimal effort and cost to install just about anywhere on your splash pads. In addition to making it easier to refresh your current water park equipment, it can also help you turn a shallow wading pool or splash pad into an interactive spray park.

Here’s how Aquatoys Plug n Play helps you do all that and some of the other benefits you can get too.

Each Aquatoys Plug n Play water toy has its own self-contained pump so there’s no need to add a water supply line or separate pump system

There’s no damage to the splash pad surface because of lightweight structures that are surface mountable. No complex foundation is required.

Corrosion-Free – Each Plug n Play product comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion

Made with the same specialty composite plastics as all our water toys for strength, durability and safety

Designed to minimize safety risks with low electrical and heat conductivity, tactile surfaces and no protrusions or pinch points

Can be installed in as little as six inches of water.

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