How Kids Benefit From Splash Pads

April 6th, 2022

Splash pads are so much fun, many parents wish they grew up with them. There’s something irresistible about running through streams of cool water on warm summer days. But, in addition to keeping your children entertained, splash pads offer many more benefits. Benefits that go beyond fun and play.

1. Encourages Socialization

While splash pads can be enjoyed on your own, playing with others multiplies the fun. Whether squirting each other, or seeing who can run through without getting wet, splash pads encourage interactivity. Children end up communicating, planning a course of action, making decisions and assessing the results of their decision. And if your splash pad equipment is designed to be interactive, that’s even better.

2. Improves Motor Skills

Think about the timing it takes to jump out of the way of water from a dunking bucket. Or avoid the stream from an Aquashooter. Or to aim an Aquashooter and pull the water trigger at just the right time. All while having fun and splashing about.

3. Understanding Cause & Effect

Water dunkers are very interesting. They fill with water, then tip over when they are full. Except, it takes a different length of time to tip over after each fill up. If you watch carefully, you can see the bucket starting to tip as more water is added. Also, many interactive water shooters will increase the stream of water the more you pump or crank.

4. Practical Use of Math & Science

Children will count the time until the next spray of water will happen. They will notice that they can find a perfect balance between the trajectory, or height, they use for a water cannon, and how far they can get the water to spray.

We believe that the popularity of splash pads has as much as anything to do with the interesting things that children can learn, while not noticing that they are actually learning. In other words, the more they ‘learn’ the more they have fun.

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