How Splash Pads Benefit Municipalities | Feb. 24th, 2022

February 24th, 2022

Municipal governments don’t go to the expense of building splash pads just for the fun o it. They know that there are many splash pad benefits beyond the enjoyment that constituents will have. In fact, when you look at all the benefits a splash pad can bring to a community, it becomes difficult to understand why you wouldn’t install and splash pad in every neighbourhood.

6 Ways Splash Pads Benefit Municipalities

1. Splash Pads Add Life

Neighbourhoods, communities and municipalities thrive when their residents are active and present throughout the community. By getting people out of their homes and into the community, it brings vitality to the area.

2. They Engage the Entire Family

Everyone loves a splash pad. When younger family members want to go to the spray park, it is very likely to bring other members of the household too.

3. They Unite the Neighbourhood

The fact that whole families gather around a splash pad is very beneficial. There are few (if any) safe, affordable neighbourhood features that can boost the power to bring the community together.

4. They Foster More Physical Activity

No one just sits in a splash pad. Patrons want to get splashed, run through spray features and enjoy the feeling of water falling on them. Spray park features encourage movement at least as much as any other standard playground feature. And that improves health outcomes.

5. They Encourage Interactive Play

If you play in a splash pad, you will very likely get splashed by others. And you will very likely spray others too. Depending on the design of your splash pad, patrons could enjoy exponentially more fun from the interactive play than from playing on their own.

6. They Help Your Constituents Stay Healthy


By getting people outside, by encouraging active and interactive play, and by bringing people together, splash pads can be a boost to your constituents’ mental and physical health.

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