How to be Safer at a Splash Park | Oct. 10th, 2017

October 10th, 2017

If splash parks are among the most fun and popular types of parks, it doesn’t mean that visitors don’t need to take care to be safe as they enjoy their visit.

Of course, being around water means we all need to pay attention if we fall in, or while running or playing on wet surfaces.

But, if you want to be even safer at the splash park, take a look at the equipment and water features. Depending on how they are built, and with what materials, some water park equipment can be safer than others.

Here are just a few things to look for when you check out the equipment and water toys the next time you visit a water park

1) Corrosion

Corrosion, like rust, is a sign that the water feature is made of metal. The safest water park equipment is made of plastics and fiberglass. While there are many reasons why plastics and fiberglass are safer, when you see corrosion it is a sign of an unsafe situation. You certainly don’t want anyone to harm themselves on corroded equipment. Plastics and fiberglass are also easier on impact than hard metal and don’t get as hot to the touch on a sunny day.

2) Pinch Points

A ‘pinch point’ is any part of a piece of equipment where a body part, like an arm, leg or finger, can get caught while using the equipment. Look for places where two parts of the equipment come together and make sure there are no entrapment issues.

3) Electrical Conductivity

Even if there’s no rust, try to determine if the equipment is made of metal. If so, be particularly cautious if an electrical storm comes up. Metal conducts electricity much more than plastics or fiberglass, which means lightning can be even more devastating.

Now, next time you visit a splash park, you can be as safe as possible and have as much fun as possible!

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