How to Choose a Water Park Equipment Manufacturer | Jan. 11th, 2022

January 11th, 2022

You face a long list of major decisions if you’re planning a water park, spray park or splash pad. But none may be more important than which water park equipment manufacturer you choose.

Of course, every stage of planning and decision-making is important. Site location, the design and layout of the park, finding builders and hiring staff are among them. But, if the aquatic park equipment manufacturer you choose isn’t the right one, everything else you do is at risk.

3 Things to Look for in a Water Park Equipment Manufacturer

The problem with choosing among water play equipment companies is that all of their products look great. But looks can be deceiving. Here are just a few tips to help see past them and find the best water park equipment supplier for your project.

A Reputable Company with the Right Experience

Yes, this may seem obvious. Of course, you’ll choose a solid company with a history of successful installations in similar projects. But, be sure to go beyond the number of finished projects. If you can, get in touch with the organizations and people who chose the manufacturer you are considering. Ask them about their experience, the equipment they purchased and the service they received.

The Materials Used in the Water Play Equipment

If the water features you choose are critical to the success of your project, how they are made is critical too. Beware of equipment that is made of metal or mostly metal. It conducts electricity and heat, and it corrodes. Instead, look for equipment made of composite plastics. They can be as strong as steel, but last longer, are easier (and less costly) to install and maintain, and they keep looking like new year after year.

Equipment Options

Even if you find the best aquatic park equipment maker that uses the safest, longest-lasting materials and has great-looking equipment, there’s still one more thing you need. Options. To stay on-trend and keep patrons coming back, it’s important to update your water features or at least rearrange their layouts. That means you need to find a manufacturer who has lots of different water equipment themes and options. And, it must be easy and cost-effective to add and remove equipment as needed.

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