How to Choose Features for Your Water Playground | May 10th, 2021

May 10, 2021

From initial concept and budgeting to design and execution, there are at least as many phases in creating a children’s water playground as there are in any other construction project.

In fact, there is one phase that doesn’t exist in any other type of project. Choosing the right spray park and splash pad equipment.

3 Tips to Choose Water Playground Features

One of the biggest problems in choosing water park features is, once everything is safe to use and built to code, the rest is limited only by your imagination. But, when you learn how to choose your equipment, you’ll start to make the problem of having too much choice a smaller one.

Budget & Park Size – Of course, whatever features you choose, you need to know they fit within your budget and that you have space in your design. If budget is an issue, consider financing options, including sponsorships.

Regardless of the size of your park, it’s important to include a mix of features to create a more interesting experience for your visitors. So be careful not to include too many of one type of feature within the space you have.

Ease of Installation & Maintenance – Even if you have the perfect mix of features in mind, installation and maintenance headaches and costs can make them the wrong choice.

Some water playground features, like Aquatoys Plug n Play, include their own water pumps to eliminate the need to install water lines to every feature. And their lifetime corrosion warranty means fewer maintenance headaches too.

Pick a Theme – Whether it’s pirates, farm life or space exploration, choosing a theme for your water features can influence your entire park design, look and feel. If you think that having a theme will help you deliver a better experience, you should plan for it sooner than later.

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