How to Customize Your Splash Pad Park | Oct. 7th, 2021

October 7th, 2021

There’s one aspect of installing a splash pad park that’s true for all of them. As long as it’s well-made, and works properly, people will come. There’s something about running in and being splashed by water that children of all ages can’t resist. So the decision to install one is not a difficult one to make.

But being popular merely because everyone loves them does not mean splash pads can’t be improved upon. And that can be an issue if you are installing the splash pad as part of a commercial venture, like a hotel/resort or residential real estate development. In those cases, the absolute appeal of the splash pad can deeply affect the value of the property.

Here are two examples of how that can happen. A family searches a strip of hotels to find the one they want to stay at on their summer road trip. They pull into one that has a splash pad. Great! But the water play features are not so appealing. They look average and maybe even familiar. They try another property whose splash pad is customized and more inviting. That’s it!

Similarly, a family looking to buy a home may choose a new neighbourhood based on its amenities. Splash pads are an excellent selling feature. And the better, more customized the pad is, the higher the chance they will choose to buy in the area.

Tips for Customizing Your Splash Pad Park

The following are ways to set your splash pad apart from the rest and add to the value of your properties.

Choose a Theme

Very often, splash pad equipment designers and manufacturers create colourful and imaginative themes for their water play features. A themed set appears more coordinated and fun.

Add Variety

There are many different types of splash pad water play features. These include tipping buckets, spray features, splash features, slides and interactive features, among others. Ensuring your splash pad has a mix of different features will help keep patrons coming back.

Look for a Signature Feature

Sometimes you don’t have enough space for a full theme or too many different types of features. In those cases, you can help your splash pad stand out with a single, exciting, colourful, even multi-functioning water feature.

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