How to Improve Your Water Park Equipment Maintenance | Nov. 15th, 2018

November 15th, 2018

As the summer season is just over in the northern hemisphere, and just starting in the southern hemisphere, it got us thinking about storing, and taking out of storage, your water park equipment.

Proper storage of your water park and splash pad equipment pays off in two ways. It minimizes the maintenance your equipment needs and maximizes the equipment’s lifecycle – and your investment.

But good storage is just one way to keep your park’s water toys in peak operating condition.

3 Ways to Minimize Water Park Equipment Maintenance

Here are just a few other ways to keep your water playground equipment maintenance to a minimum.

1) Read the Operating Manual for the Equipment – OK, hopefully, we don’t sound too much like a water park equipment manufacturer here. But we’re surprised at the calls we get for issues that are clearly covered in the manual. We go to great lengths to tell you everything you need to know to keep your equipment well-maintained for many years. So sometimes the answer is in your file drawer.

2) Call the Manufacturer – The first point above is not to say that we don’t want to hear from you. In fact, we’d like you to ask us questions first before making the wrong decisions on maintenance. If you have any questions, it’s better to call than to do something that might actually shorten the life of the equipment.

3) Maintain Maintenance Schedules & Checklists – Obviously, good maintenance is key to long-lasting water park equipment. But keeping it all in your head isn’t the best way to practice good maintenance. A maintenance checklist will make sure you do all the required maintenance. Maintenance schedules will make sure you do it at the right time; before problems start.

We want your water park equipment to last as long as possible. If you have any questions about a current installation, or you’re wondering about maintenance requirements for a new water playground or splash pad, contact us here at Empex Watertoys®.

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