What To Wear To A Waterpark

October 13th, 2022

A day spent at a waterpark is a good day. But, figuring out what to wear can be challenging. You will be wet one second when enjoying the waterpark features and then may have to get dry for lunch or when it’s time to go home. So you need to have all the right clothing.

Here is what you should wear to a waterpark.

Bathing Suit & Cover Up

Your first guess for what to wear to a water park may have been a bathing suit — and you’re right! A bathing suit is needed in order to go into the waterpark and enjoy the fun. You can wear any kind of bathing suit and you can find one that you feel comfortable in. But, you should also bring a cover up. You can wear it when you’re having lunch or when you need a break from the waterpark to enjoy the sun. They also protect your skin from having too much sun exposure. Make sure you bring a change of clothes for when you are ready to leave the waterpark.

Hats & Sunglasses

Bring a waterproof hat and sunglasses to the waterpark. You want to protect your face from all the sun exposure and you definitely don’t want the sun in your eyes. You can purchase a waterproof bucket hat or baseball cap that will cover your entire face. For adults, sunglasses may be more ideal.

Water Shoes

Considering hundreds of people use waterparks, you don’t know what you could be stepping on. Although they are kept as clean as possible, you could find sharp stones or objects on the ground. Wearing water shoes protects your feet and can also keep you from slipping. And, the last thing you want is to slip and fall and have to sit out of the fun or even go home. You should also bring a change of shoes for when you are ready to go home.


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