How to Make The Right Spray Park Equipment Choices | Oct. 8th, 2020

October 8th, 2020

If this is the off-season for spray parks in your corner of the world, you have only one thing on your mind: opening day next season.

But getting there from here is a little trickier than usual this year. To say there’s an element of uncertainty for spray parks, water parks and splash pads is an understatement. But if you let that stop you, well, you might be in for a tougher time next year than you think.

Like any off-season, you need to make sure your park is properly maintained and secure. And, just like any other off-season, you need to start planning right now on improvements for next year, starting with narrowing down your spark park equipment choices.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Spray Park Equipment

Your spray park equipment, including all your play structures, are the core of the value you offer your patrons. Choices here are key to the success of your park. And, in times of greater uncertainty, the selections you make are more crucial than ever. Here are just a few things to look for in making the right decision on new spray park play structures.

Ease of Installation – Even if you managed to open last season, budgets are likely an issue. Of course, equipment cost is important, but choosing a structure based on price alone can clobber your budget. How so? If the equipment costs less but requires complicated efforts to install or retrofit over existing structures, the savings can be wiped out, and then some.

Maintenance Schedules – Similarly, if too much scheduled maintenance is required, any savings from buying lower-cost equipment will be quickly eroded.

Warranties – Now more than ever you need protection. Double-check and compare warranties before making any decisions.

New Designs – If you’re in a particularly competitive situation, newer, more imaginative and interactive play structures will help set your spray park apart from the others.

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