How to Make Water Playgrounds Even Better for Kids |July 16th, 2021

July 16th, 2021

Like any playground, a water playground doesn’t exist behind a fence and gates. There’s no need for tickets, you just walk up, get underneath a water toy and get splashed! Water playgrounds can be part of municipal parks and community centres, hotels and resorts, condominium developments or as part of larger water parks.

So how do you make something where children of all ages can run and jump, all while getting splashed with water from colourful splash pad equipment? The answer goes back to the “playground” part of the name, and the idea that, very often, the less structured your play is, the more fun it can be.

3 Ways to Make a Water Playground More Fun

Of course, considering it’s made up of water play structures, it’s not like you can offer a completely “unstructured” play experience. But what you can do is give your guests more options for play and the space to come up with their own ideas.

Take Care in the Design Phase – You can start to solve problems and increase the use and enjoyment of your playground as soon as you start its design. Always with safety as a priority, make sure each play feature has enough room around it including to line up at its entrance and to avoid crowds at the exit—like at the foot of a water slide.

Create Different Play Areas – If you can section the space into different play areas, it can help the whole space feel larger and more interesting. You can create different areas accordion to the types of features in that area, like a spray park area and a splash pad area. If you have a wading pool, it can be a section by itself.

Use Themes – A bright, colourful and fun way to add another dimension of enjoyment is to create areas with different themes. Getting sprayed by creative storybook characters and then climbing onto a candy-themed spray boat is just more fun.

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