How to Promote Waterslide Safety

May 5th, 2022

As the waterpark season gears up for the height of summer, it’s a good time to ensure your safety procedures are in place. Waterslide safety is of particular concern for two reasons. First, there are a number of safety issues that your patrons must follow while enjoying waterslides. Perhaps more than any of your other water features. Second, because of the added ‘load’ of safety procedures that your patrons need to keep in mind, there’s more onus on you to keep the procedures front of mind.


It’s your main channel for informing your patrons. Still, even well placed, clear, bright signage can be ignored. With the need to keep warning signage free of other information and graphics, just about the only improvements you can make is to the wording. Especially if your waterslide has many safety instructions, it is important to word them as clearly as possible.

One example has to to with leaving the pool area at the bottom of the slide as soon as possible. Many signs urge sliders to ‘exit the splash pool area’, which is clear enough. But for children, ‘exit’ may not be clear – a word they’ve mainly seen above doorways. And exactly what counts as the ‘splash pool area’? Consider something simpler like “Keep moving away from the bottom of the slide when your slide is over’.

Staff Training

Your staff can never be too aware of safety procedures. Encourage them to verbally inform every slider of what to do. and train them in how to manage sliders who don’t follow instructions.

Use Your Website

Water slide — and water park — safety can begin before patrons arrive at your park. By adding safety precautions in the right places on your website, patrons get one more ‘impression’ about safety.

Encourage Parents to Help

In both signage and on your web site, add appeals to parents to make sure their children are all fully aware of safety procedures.


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