How To Winterize A Splash Pad

November 23rd, 2022

In order to protect your splash pad throughout the winter, you need to winterize it. Doing so helps to avoid any unnecessary repairs or damage that can occur throughout the winter.

In addition, it can lead to a smoother reopening once spring and summer come around. and you may also find that your splash pad equipment lasts longer than average.

Here is how you can winterize a splash pad.

Water Management Systems

First things first. You must drain the water management system fully. Any water that remains in the infrastructure over the winter can freeze and cause damage.

Empty any chemical reservoirs and dispose of the chemicals properly. Make sure to shut off the main water supply and open drain valves. Turn off the electrical supply and clean any debris you see. You should also clean the deck drains around the splash pad. These are a few steps you can take to start winterizing your water management systems.

Water Features

Once the splash pad water management systems are serviced, move onto the water features. Be sure to inspect them all, checking for anything that needs to be maintained, repaired or replaced. Once you are done inspecting all of the equipment, begin cleaning all of the features of any hard water deposits or bacteria. Remove all spray nozzles and clean them adequately. You should store them away for the winter.

Elevation Structures

Similar to water features, you should inspect all elevation structures and tighten or replace where needed. Check all the locks, zippers, or netting to see if any repairs are necessary. Do a thorough cleaning of all the elevation structures. Once the cleaning process is complete, drain all the manifolds. This will lead to a smoother reopening.

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