How We Build Interactive Water Play into Empex Watertoys® | Dec. 13th, 2021

December 13th, 2022

Interactive water play is an ever-increasing trend within the water playground market. The demand for spray parks is constantly increasing as part of the development of municipal parks and recreation centers, hotels and resorts, campgrounds, zoos, family entertainment centres (FEC’s), water parks, theme parks and even less obvious places, like shopping malls.

What is Interactive Water Play?

We define interactive water play as having users’ (children of all ages) actions create a variable output, or response, from a water feature. We create interactivity using various watertoy design devices. In its simplest form, interactive water play is when water pours down on or sprays you. For example, when water jets spray water from different directions, each one can cause a different sensation. One spray pattern might tickle, one might soak and another might be soothing. Each one stimulates your senses in a different way.

Interactivity with water is also a learning experience for young children. They learn about cause and effect and some basic, but important lessons in physics and fluid dynamics. They unconsciously learn about water pressure and water flow. Water play also creates interaction between children, which helps them learn cooperation and teamwork.

Interactivity in Empex Watertoys®

Empex has designed several categories of interactive spray park equipment so users can have more interactive play.

1) Aquatons & Aquajets

Simple interactivity is created by placing your hands or feet over water nozzles. With Aquatons, placing your hands over the jets of the water feature, the water flow from the remaining open jets gets stronger. The more you block, the greater the effect. Aquajets does the same thing when you cover ground jets with your feet or hands.

2) Interactive Water Jets

Users create water jets with different activities. The jets of water from Waterbikes increase in intensity the faster you pedal. The same thing happens the faster you turn the handle on a Watershooter. And the more you rock back and forth on the Squirtin’ Frog or go up and down on the Watertotter, the more water you spray.

3) Aquanetics

Aquanetics users can create different effects by turning the interactive wheel for water pressure and selecting the spray effect they want. Effects include different spray arrays, spray patterns and a spinning pinwheel of water.

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