Is Your Greatest Water Park Marketing R&D Tool Already in Place? | Oct. 24th, 2018

October 24th, 2018

If you’re planning or managing a large water-theme park, an aquatic playground in a regular theme park, or a splash pad in a hotel or resort, you have two common problems.

First, you need to let the world know about your water amusement installation. Second, even after they show up the first time, you need to get them to return.

Despite the ‘if you build it, they will come’ popularity of water parks, without good marketing, you may not optimize your return on investment.

Water Park Marketing Research & Development

Like any marketing, you need to do a lot of marketing R&D to get the highest return for the lowest cost. You’ll need to know about things like catchment area, demographics and competitor analyses.

But the ‘demographics’ for water playgrounds and spray parks can be quite a bit different than most other products and services. We’ve told you before about the undeniable force of ‘pester power’. In a nutshell, it is the strong influence that even young children have in making decisions about family recreation destinations. In other words, if a young child wants to go to a certain water park, there’s a good chance that the entire family will visit that park.

How Much Do You Know About Water Park Marketing to Children?

It’s a tough one. If children are the key to a large part of your visitor base, and to keeping them coming back, how do you know what they’re looking for?

The answers can already be found in your park.

Many water playgrounds and installations employ qualified teenagers and young adults to help run the park.

Not long ago, those teenagers and young adults used to be exactly the market you are trying to reach now.

Turn on that massive and untapped marketing resource to find out all sorts of marketing answers. And do it from the moment you start planning the water park. It can help you find answers about what type of water park equipment to choose, where to place it, what amenities you should have, and so much more. Even better, there are few marketing companies more savvy at how to get the attention of young people on social media than young people themselves

To learn more about marketing your water playground, and the best water park equipment for it, contact Empex Watertoys®.

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