Materials in Water Park Equipment Construction are Crucial | July 17th, 2018

July 17th, 2018

If you’re planning a water park. Perhaps the single most important decision you make for the success of the project is the water park equipment you choose.

Yes, you have a long list of planning tasks, from proper plumbing and drainage to safety considerations and even landscaping. But, ultimately, the success of your project depends on how much enjoyment your guests get from it, and that depends heavily on the water park equipment construction.

The Most Important Part of Water Park Equipment Construction

Because the water toys you choose are crucial for your project. The materials that go into their construction are the most important part of every water toy. So the materials used in the construction of the water park play equipment you’re looking at should be a major consideration in planning and designing your project.

Here’s why:

1) Personal Safety

The safety of your guests is your first priority. Inferior materials can present a number of safety hazards. These include slippery surfaces, heat build-up from sun exposure, hard surfaces that can make for hard landings, and electrical conductivity that can be a shock hazard.

2) Material Strength & Durability

Stronger, longer lasting equipment means lower replacement costs, fewer repairs, less maintenance, and no corrosion from water, salt, and chlorine.

3) Lower Installation & Upgrade Costs

Advanced materials deliver greater strength and durability in a lighter structure. Their support structure can be less complex, resulting in lower installation and upgrade costs.

Superior construction materials, as a result, allow water park equipment designers greater flexibility in design. The result is more creative designs and more enjoyable for your guests.

Empex Watertoys® sets itself apart as the only water park equipment designer and builder to develop its own proprietary fiberglass and plastic formulations for use in the construction of every water toy we make.

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