Our 3 Best-Selling Plug n’ Play Features | Sept. 15th, 2019

September 15th, 2019

Considering they don’t need dedicated water supply lines, separate pump systems and they are quick and easy to install, the Aquatoys Plug n’ Play line of spray park equipment has been a popular choice from the moment we introduced them.

As a testament to their popularity, ease of use and easy maintenance, perhaps the biggest problem our customers have is in deciding which Plug n’ Play water toys to choose.

We always try to solve our clients’ problems! So we’ve put together the list below of our best-selling Plug n’ Play Features to give you an idea of what other splash pad and spray park owners and managers are choosing.

The Most Popular Plug n’ Play Features (see photo gallery above)

The most popular water toys represent a great cross-section of the features that help set Plug n’ Play apart from all others. In addition to all the technical, installation and maintenance advantages we listed above, facility owners and managers particularly like the ability to transform a simple splash pad or even wading pools into interactive spray parks.

The Squirtin’ Frog – Even the name is fun and gives you a clue about what’s in store for those who give the Squirtin’ Frog a try. All you need to do is hop on and rock back and forth to generate pulsating streams of water from the nozzle in the frog’s mouth. The faster you rock, the more the Squirtin’ Frog squirts! The Squirtin’ Whale is a popular variation.

The Aquawave – If your facility doesn’t have a water slide, it can now. Featuring a non-skid entry ramp, the 30” (750 mm) high slide also uses a crossbar at the top to force children to sit down to slide. When connected to a piped-in water source, the Aquawave sprays everyone around it through multiple external water jets. You can choose the regular Aquawave, the Aquawave Pirate or the Aquawave Fire.

The Watertotter – If you can remember how much fun it was to use a teeter-totter when you were a kid, you can imagine how much fun it would be to spray your companion, or get sprayed, every time you went up and down.


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