Our Top 3 Water Park Play Structures | Feb. 7th, 2019

February 7th, 2019

The water park play structures you choose are crucial for the success of a splash pad, spray park or full-on water theme park. While you have many other major considerations in your park design and execution, without water play equipment that deliver enjoyable, interactive play experiences to children of all ages and abilities, then anything else you do might not be as successful.

What Are Water Play Structures? (see photo gallery above)

In the lexicon of water park equipment, water play structures are those that are designed with a number of different water features built into the structure, versus standalone play features.

For example, an aquatic play area might have a mix of single features, like a dunking station, and a water structure, which is a combination of interactive water features. These might include water slides, tubes, platforms, and spray features.

How to Choose Water Play Structures

Of course, the limitations of space, design, and budget are all big factors in determining which and how many structures you can choose. The basic consideration is about who will use the spray park equipment. While many structures are designed to appeal to many different age groups, some are aimed more towards a younger crowd aged 2+.

Our Top 3 Water Play Structures

Our water playground structures are grouped in our Aquadek line of playground equipment. Here are our favourites.

The T210-Z-3S Aquadek (see photo 1 above )

Let’s start with one focused on the youngest water park enthusiasts. In addition to animal-themed spray features, this one features three water slides, each one a different colour for a whole new experience.

The T410-242-DD Aquadek (see photo 2 above )

Kicking it up a notch, the T410 features two different sizes of slides and a dunking feature to appeal to a wider age range.

The C610 Aquacircus (see photo 3 above )

It might be tough to pick the ‘ultimate’ structure, but let’s just say the ‘Circus’ is aptly named. This multi-tiered water park feature has four different styles of waterslides and so many spray features that it can be a challenge to try them all.

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