Plan for These Stages of a Successful Water Park Project | Sept. 12th, 2018

September 12th, 2018

Like any other major undertaking, it pays to breakdown a water park project in stages to help you prepare, plan and execute the entire project successfully.

From initial planning to ongoing maintenance , these are the major stages of planning and execution for a water park construction project.

1) Choose a Theme for Your Water Park

First, an overall theme for the design and water park equipment you choose isn’t a necessity. But a theme adds another dimension to your guests’ experience. It can also set your park apart from the competition.

In addition to choosing water toys and equipment to match your theme, you can use other elements in the park to extend the theme, including signage and wall decor.

2) Water Park Planning Design

From choosing the right water toys, to designing a layout that considers the movement of your guests throughout the park, without good planning and design, your park might never reach its potential.

3) Proper Installation

Again, the enjoyment and experience your guests have should be the focus of the installation of your water park equipment and amenities. The safety of all your guests should be the priority of all your water equipment installation planning.

4) Plan for the Future

Even with successful water park theming, planning, design and installation, you’re not done. You must consider the ongoing maintenance and support of your water park equipment and systems to maximize their life cycles, minimize operating costs and further protect the safety and enjoyment of your guests.

Of course, there are countless considerations and details to any water park construction project. We have been planning, designing, installing and maintaining water parks, splash pads, water toys and equipment for over 30 years here at Empex Watertoys®.

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