Questions to Ask a Spray Park Equipment Manufacturer | March 25th, 2022

March 25th, 2022

Even if you’ve been involved with the planning, design and construction of a spray park, you may not know exactly what to look for in a spray park equipment manufacturer. But don’t be concerned. You may only work with manufacturers a few times in your career. You can’t be expected to know what you should be asking. But we’re here to help.

5 Questions to Ask a Spray Park Equipment Manufacturer

Without further ado, the following questions will help you choose the best spray park equipment, manufacturer.

1. What is the Main Material Used in the Construction of the Water Features?

This one is first for a number of reasons. The answer has an effect on your installation, maintenance and replacement costs. Perhaps most importantly, the answer can affect the safety and enjoyment of everyone who uses your spray park. Composite and specialty plastics are superior materials to traditional steel or metal. Lighter than metals, but pound-for-pound stronger, composites allow water features to be installed easier and faster; to avoid corrosion and last longer and be easier to move and replace.

They also minimize electrical and heat conductivity to maximize safe play.

2. What’s the Installation Procedure for the Equipment?

You’ll need to listen to the answer carefully. Be careful if you hear mention of needing added foundational support. That means added cost, added construction time and later opening dates.

3. What Water Pressure Does the Spray Park Equipment Need?

Look for water features that work on the water pressure levels provided by your local municipality. If not, you’ll have added equipment and maintenance costs and procedures.

4. Can Water Features be Left Outside in Winter?

Think about it. The need to remove and store equipment in winter adds a number of costs and logistics. You need time, expertise and a procedure to properly install and remove the equipment each year. You need a place to securely store the equipment. And there will be more wear and tear on the equipment. It all adds up.

5. Can We Get Custom Colours & Theming

The more attractive you make your water features, the more attractive you make your spray park. Custom colours, them, or a collection of different themes, all make your park a more exciting place to be.

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