How To Maintain A Clean Water Park

October 27th, 2022

Keeping a water park clean is challenging. Especially during the summer when it is most used. But, for the safety of all guests, it is important to keep the facility and water park infrastructure clean. If not, you may end up with fines or complaints if any guests get water-borne sicknesses.

Here are a few ways to maintain a clean water park.

Drain The Pipes

Draining the pipes of a water park should be done before you begin cleaning the features with any chemicals. It will remove any dirt that may have gotten onto the features from the pipes. You may also find that the water is cleaner as a result.

Change The Water

Regardless of the time of year, you should be changing the water. Since it is reused to preserve water, it can get fairly dirty. It is in the best interest of any water park guests to have the water changed to keep the environment as clean as possible. When you change the water, make sure you test it to ensure it is fresh and clean.

Check The Filtration System

If you are the owner of a water park, you should be checking the filtration system on a daily basis. Checking on the filtration system allows you to see any damage that could have occurred. And, if you catch them early enough, they may not have been able to affect the cleanliness of the water.

Proper Seasonal Shutdown

When the season comes to an end, all of the equipment should be cleaned and winterized. If there is remaining water, it could damage the water features by crystallizing inside them and/or freezing in colder temperatures. And you don’t want to have to deal with damage when reopening for the new season.

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