Should You Convert A Kiddie Pool Into A Splash Pad

November 9th, 2022

A community kiddie pool is one way to create a safe space for children to play in water. You don’t have to worry about adults or older kids swimming around them, creating bigger waves and playing crazy games. A kiddie pool also has certain features that captures children’s attention. There may be floating toys or little water features.

However, kiddie pools have become outdated. They tend not to bring as much enjoyment to children as they used to. But, transforming a kiddie pool into a splash pad is one way to liven up a water zone for children.

Here are the advantages of converting a kiddie pool into a splash pad.


Splash pads create an environment for children of all ages. It doesn’t matter what your child’s developmental, cognitive, and physical capabilities are. There will be a water feature that your child is able to use. This creates an inclusive environment as any child can take part in it.

Generate Revenue

Chances are you are not going to make significant money off of a kiddie pool. But, a splash pad can generate revenue. It draws more attention due to its aquatic features and more people can use it. As a result of the extra revenue, you can build other splash pads or save the money for other aquatic attractions or features.

Community Attraction

If you live in a smaller community and find that there isn’t much to do, then a splash pad is the solution. Especially during the summer months, you want to attract visitors to your city for tourism purposes. Setting up a splash pad is one way to ensure visitors will be wowed. You may even find that your community becomes busier during the summer months as a result.

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