Spray Park Equipment – Steel or Composite Fibreglass & Plastic? | Nov. 9th, 2021

November 9th, 2021

If it’s your job to choose spray park equipment for a municipal, hotel and resort, or residential community splash pad or spray park, it might be one of the more fun parts of your work. After all, who wouldn’t like to check out and choose from all the colourful creative designs that are available?

Of course, you’ll be careful to choose equipment that is safe, creative and represents the best value for your project. But there’s a lesser-known element of equipment construction that can significantly affect all those criteria. The materials used in the construction of the water features. More specifically, whether the water features are made primarily with steel, or with composite fibreglass and plastic.

The Benefits of Choosing Composite Fibreglass & Plastic Over Steel Spray Park Equipment

Safer to Use

Perhaps the most important safety feature of fibreglass and plastic is its lack of electrical conductivity. That reduces the risks from electrical hazards, including lightning. Fibreglass and plastic also do not retain as much heat from the sun, lowering the chance of hot surfaces. Finally, it’s easier to mold fibreglass and plastic into more organic shapes that eliminate pinch-points, protrusions, flanges and exposed fasteners.

Strength & Durability

Steel has a reputation for strength. But, pound-for-pound fibreglass and plastic composites can be just as strong as steel.

More Design Creativity

Composites can be molded into almost any shape. That means design options are limited only by your imagination.

Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

Composite fibreglass and plastic do not corrode from either water or salt. Also, it’s easier to remove a composite fibreglass water toy for repairs and replace it when the repair is complete.

Lower Installation Costs

Being lighter than metal, the foundation requirements for composite fibreglass equipment are less complex and costly.

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