Spray Parks: 3 Benefits of Beach-Entry Pools for Young Families | April 19th, 2021

April 19th, 2021

Even if you’ve enjoyed waterparks, spray parks and splash pads all your life, and now you enjoy them with your own family, you might never have heard of a beach entry pool.

In the planning of spray parks, designers look for a mix of water features to make the park more fun and interesting. One of the challenges is appealing to children of all ages, from toddlers to teens – and older “children” too!

But, while teenagers can use certain water toys and spray park equipment, and play in a certain depth of water, younger children and toddlers may not be safe using the same equipment and playing in the water of the same depth.

Spray Park Pool Design

Spray park pool designers, like those here at Empex, have three basic choices for designing water play areas.

Zero Depth

A zero-depth area means there is no real accumulation of water. Any water that is sprayed or pumped from the water park play equipment is immediately drained away.

Constant Depth Pools

Like the name says, the water in a constant-depth pool is kept at the same depth (usually about 30 cm, or 12 inches) across the entire pool.

Beach Entry Pools

Beach-entry pools start at zero-depth and gradually slope to a constant depth.

The Benefits of Beach-Entry Pools for Young Families

If you have a young family, with children under 5 years of age, you might want to make sure the spray park you visit has beach entry pools, and here’s why.

Choose the Depth for the Comfort of You & Your Children – Considering the gradual entry depths of a beach entry pool, you can find a depth that is comfortable and safe even for toddlers.

Not as Many Older Children – In a beach entry pool, older children tend to gravitate to the deeper water, which makes the shallow water safer for younger children.

Easy Access – to get into and out of a constant depth pool, children must step down from or onto the pool wall. With a beach entry pool, a gradual slope into the shallow area can be easily handled by youtube children.

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