The 4 Basic Components of Every Splash Pad | Jan. 30th, 2018

January 30th, 2018

Okay, the people young and old who love splashpads probably feel there’s only one component– water! But getting the water into the splash pad equipment so it can squirt, and spray and splash, takes some basic elements of design and construction.

And, yes, water is one of those basics, in fact, it’s the very first one.

Water Source

If water is the most important part of a splash pad, then you better have a reliable supply of it. And that fact means one of the most common questions when property owners and managers set out to build a water park is “is our water pressure high enough for us to construct the splash pad?”

The answer is almost always yes. Municipal water pressure levels are usually about double what’s needed to run splash pad equipment.

1) Water Manifold, Controller & Activator

It’s one thing to have a source of water, but it can’t get to the water toys without a manifold, controller and activator, which are usually housed together.

a. Manifold

The source water comes into the manifold, which splits it to the water lines that send it to each water feature.

b. Controller

Like the name implies, the controller manages the opening and closing of the water source according to the splash pad’s operating hours and it controls the sequencing of water to each feature.

c. Activator

For splash pads that are not always ‘on’, the activator signals the controller when someone wants to use the splash pad.

2) Splash Pad Equipment

This is where the fun happens and that’s the whole reason for having a splash pad, isn’t it?!

3) Drainage

Just as important as getting water to the equipment is the need to drain it away. In fact, all the surfaces where water falls from the play equipment must be designed to efficiently drain the water away.

This is a very brief review of the basic components of splash pad construction. It’s intended to give you a quick idea of the sorts of things that must be considered when planning a splash pad. There are many more details and considerations for each individual installation.


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