The 4 Basics of Successfully Building a Water Park | Nov. 4th, 2019

November 4th, 2019

The most difficult part of building a water park may be the very first one. Where do you begin? Whether its a community splash pad, a spray park for a hotel or resort, or a full on water amusement park, the first step is crucial for the success of everything that follows.

The Basic Phases of Building a Water Park

Every new water park development is unique. But the overall process for almost every size and type of water playground can include the following basic steps.

1) Planning – Planning for the creation of your waterpark has two main phases. First, you need to conduct assessments of the following aspects of the project.

The Budget – It all starts with the scope of what you can do.

The Site – The physical realities of your, including size and layout.

Projected Attendance – How many people will use your park and who will they be?

The second phase of planning is a preliminary master plan, including space usage, the capacity of the park, and the mix of spray park equipment and features you need to meet your user’s demands.

2) Design – The design phase also happens in stages.

Preliminary design concepts will include water park themes, potential layouts and operational issues.

Final design concepts will crystallize the scope of the project, and the theme and ride mix.

Preliminary site plans, elevations and technical considerations will let you start estimating final logistics and costs.

Final designs are used to refine everything from site layouts to technical specifications.

3) Construction – Prior to construction, you need to have all documentation in place, including plans, specification lists and conceptual drawings. They are all needed for the bidding process and requests for proposals. Plan for a phase of preliminary installation and testing before commencing full construction.

4) Be Ready to Operate the Park – Before you open the park, you’ll need written operating and maintenance plans and procedures in place. Any furniture and accessories must be in place. You’ll also need to hire and train any staff you need to operate the park.

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