The 4 Most Popular Water Park Attractions | Sept. 12th, 2017

September 12th, 2017

What’s your favourite water park attraction? Whether you plan to visit a dedicated water park, or an amusement park that has a section for water rides and watertoys, once you start thinking about it you can’t wait to get wet on the one attraction that you like more than any other.

While every park has a variation on different types of rides, here is a list of the most popular types of water park features

1) Water Slides

No water park is complete without a water slide. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or you’re just looking for the fun of sliding into a pool of water, there’s a water slide to suit your tastes. From hair-raising ‘loop-de-loops’ to more relaxing declines, there are few water park rides with more variations than the waterslide.

2) Lazy Rivers

When you need a break from all the excitement, but don’t want to dry off, lazy rivers give you the option to simply lay back and enjoy the simple pleasure of just floating along at a relaxed pace – though a few of them throw in some ‘rapids’ to keep you awake!

3) Wave Pools

It seems like everyone enjoys being picked up and carried along by a wave of water, but they don’t often get a chance to visit the ocean for the thrill. Wave pools bring the waves to them and offer a safe way for everyone to catch the next wave.

4) Water Park Toys

From just splashing around to spraying your friends with a stream of water, there’s no other part of a water park that gives you so many different ways to have fun than a splash pad with a variety of water toys. Including slides, water shooters, water buckets, and all kinds of showering toys, splash pads attract children of all ages.

So next time you plan to visit a water park, instead of having one favorite ride, you can look forward to enjoying a favorite of each different type of ride.

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