The Advantages of ‘Pester Power’ for a Water Park | May 9th, 2018

May 9th, 2018

If you own, manage or are planning a splash pad for a themed water park, hotel, or resort, you may be wondering about what is ‘pester power’ and how it can be of any advantage to you.

If you are a parent, you have felt the awesome force of pester power first hand. Pester power is the sure-fire way that any child or children have of convincing their parent of where to go for some fun and excitement. And that place is usually the one with great kids’ attractions.

That said, a water park can often forget younger children in their planning, opting instead for larger waterslide complexes and features. While teenagers are a very important demographic for a water park, water park planners and managers must keep pester power in mind. And that’s because of all the benefits it can offer.

The Advantages of Pester Power

1) It Brings the Whole Family

The pester power wielded by younger children is often the deciding factor in where the entire family, including teenagers, chooses to go. In other words, by offering the splash pad features and equipment that younger children love, a park gets the benefit of welcoming every member of the family.

2) It Makes Them Stay Longer

In an often hot, crowded and noisy theme park, a splash pad offers an inexpensive way for the entire family to cool off. When they do, they will stay longer, which will increase their overall spend while at the water park.

3) An Irresistible Marketing Hook for Attracting Families to Hotels & Resorts

Imagine parents asking their children about which hotel or resort they would rather visit. One property offers a splash pad and the others don’t. Which one do you think the children will devote all their pestering power to visit? Families may need more than a single room and are more likely to extend their stay, or even visit on low-occupancy night, if the hotel or resort offers attractions that children prefer.

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