The Benefits of Plastics vs Metals in Water Park Equipment | March 14th, 2021

March 14th, 2021

The water park equipment you choose for your splash pad, spray park or water park must be attractive, engaging, safe, durable and low-maintenance. And it must be all those things while remaining within your budget.

It’s a long list of “must be’s”. And, as an owner, developer and/or manager of a water-play facility, you have the daunting task of finding equipment that checks off all of the criteria, or as many as possible.

Fortunately, there is one fast and easy way to get your checklist off to a good start.

The Materials Used in Water Park Equipment Construction

If you simply look at the main material used in the construction of the water play equipment you are considering, you’ll get a very clear idea of its ability to perform to the highest specifications.

The vast majority of water park equipment is constructed of metal, plastic or a combination of the two.

But specialty plastics, plastic composites and fibreglass offer a number of advantages over metal. Advantages that help you meet all the criteria for what water play equipment should be.

Attractive – Plastics are not as rigid as metal and they can be configured in a wider variety of organic shapes, sizes and colours, in more unique, child-pleasing designs.

Safe – Structural Fibreglass is extremely strong and structurally sound. PLastics are not as hard as metal to minimize the consequences of an impact. Pinch points, flanges and exposed fasteners are eliminated because of its pliability. And plastic has significantly less heat and electrical conductivity compared to metal.

Engaging – When you combine the near-limitless possibilities of creative design, with the confidence that comes from safe play, you get a level of engagement and interactivity that ensures your guests have as much fun as possible.

Durable – In addition to the remarkable strength to weight ratio of its plastics and structural fibreglass, Empex splash pad and spray park equipment are finished with five coats of automotive finish for optimal protection against scuffing, UV degradation or chalking from exposure to chlorinated water. It simply lasts longer.

Corrosion-Free – All metals have problems with corrosion and chlorine deposits, especially in salt-chlorinated pools. Empex Fiberglass and specialty plastics have a lifetime warranty against corrosion in chlorinated pools and pools with salt-chlorine generators.

Low Maintenance – Being lighter than metal, plastic water-play equipment needs less construction and foundation requirements at installation. Coupled with it’s durability, ease of cleaning, repair and retrofitting, and maintenance costs for plastic equipment can be significantly lower than for metal equipment.

Budget-Friendly – Ease of installation, maintenance, upgrades, minimal safety issue and lifelong durability all add up to costing you less.

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