The Easiest Way to Add Water Park Features to a Wading Pool | Sept. 6th, 2021

September 6th, 2021

First, full disclosure. This post will not tell you how to add major water park features, like a 100-metre water slide, to your shallow wading pool. Even though you might want to!

Shallow wading pools and even small spray parks are under pressure from their customers to offer new options, and/or make things a little more interesting. As new spray park features are developed, facilities that are more than a few years old must keep up with demand. But that isn’t easy when you need to break concrete and install plumbing for each new feature. Not to mention finding the budget to do so.

The Most Convenient Way to Add Waterpark Features to Your Wading Pool

Aquatoys Plug n Play water features give wading pool and spray park operators the option to add more exciting, up-to-date water play equipment to their installations.

What makes Plug n Play different? Each water toy in the Plug n Play line is a stand-alone unit. Each one has its own water pump, so there is no need for a piped-in water feed. And there is no requirement to build a complex foundation. All you need is at least six inches of water around the Aquatoy.

Best of all, you don’t have to make any compromises in the quality, interactivity or creativity of the water features you choose. Ready to install and use Aqua Toys Plug n Play is available in a wide variety of configurations.

Water Shooters

Who doesn’t enjoying spraying water or getting sprayed? Depending on the Aqua Toy, children can generate streams of water by pedalling, cranking or teeter-tottering.

Water Slides

A water park isn’t complete without a water slide. They may not be 100 metres long, but the Aqua Toys slides feature colourful themes and multiple jets of water.

Water Rockers

What happens when you climb on the back of a frog or whale and rock back and forth? If it’s an Aqua Toy, you get jets of water that get bigger the faster you rock.

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