The Empex Splash Pad at Lago Mar, Texas | March 10th, 2022

March 10th, 2022

Empex Watertoys® is fortunate to be the splash pad equipment manufacturer of choice for many of the leading amusement park, water park and spray park projects around the world. But few are as exciting or rewarding as our work on the splash pad at Crystal Lagoon in Lago Mar, Texas.

The Lago Mar Lagoon & Community

Crystal Lagoons® creates stunning lagoons all across the world. But their installation in Lago Mar is one of the most ambitious yet. The 12-acre crystal lagoon is the main feature of the 100-acre entertainment area in Lago Mar.

The lagoon is set in the midst of residences, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Of course, there are lots of sandy beaches and other aquatic amenities on the lagoon itself.

Crystal Lagoons are created using patented, state-of-the-art technology. That technology allows the building of lagoons of any size anywhere in the world. They offer an exciting beach lifestyle while minimizing the use of chemicals, energy and water.

The lagoon doesn’t need a lot of harsh chemicals to keep its water clean and healthy for everyone. Crystal Lagoons’ patented technology includes the use of ultrasonic waves. The sound wave technology forces contaminant particles to clump into larger particles, which can then be removed from the lagoon. The result is less need for chemicals, water filtration and water replenishment. In turn that reduces the reliance on valuable resources, including energy and water.

The Empex Water Toys Splash Pad at Lago Mar

Like with every Empex splash pad, we created one that fits with its location. Also like all of our splash pads, our focus is on those who use them. That means splash pad equipment and design that is interactive, enjoyable by children of all ages and uses an attractive theme that suits the surroundings.

Designed to fit a compact space, the Lago Mar splash pad features over 10 water features including water shooters, a water slide, an aqua tipper, water spray arches, an Aquazilla and Aquapus, a coconut tree splash feature, and many more.

The splash pad is surrounded by real coconut trees, plenty of seating options and a convenient shady area for sun and rain protection.

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