The Importance of Including a Children’s Water Park Area | Nov. 8th, 2017

November 8th, 2017

From initial research and design, to finished construction, there are so many details involved in building a children’s water park that, had you known about them all, you might never have started.

From Simply determining the ideal size (and therefore the building and operating costs) of the waterpark for your market, to making sure you have enough qualified life guards to cover all the blind spots, building a water park is at least as complex as any other amusement park project.

The Right Mix

In addition to having the correct size of park, you need to have the right mix of water park equipment, rides and toys to make sure you appeal to the broadest segment of the market.

No well-equipped water park would be complete without a slide of some sort – or six of them. And a lazy river is a favourite because high rider capacity means few or no lineups and all ages can float along.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Children’s Water Park Area

Water park planners and designers shouldn’t overlook the potential of a children’s play area in their water parks. No other single section of any water park can deliver more benefits.

1) Attracts Entire Families

A children’s water playground will bring out entire families, even when there’s only one child who’ll actually use the water toys.

2) Low Building & Operating Costs

When you compare to the costs of building and operating a slide versus a children’s splash pad, you’ll see the cost benefit of the children’s area. You can’t do without the slides, but the children’s area will likely have higher sales per square foot.

3) It’s for Children of All Ages

Who doesn’t like to get splashed by a ‘pirate’ or a ‘penguin’. Just about everyone who visits a water park can enjoy themselves in the children’s area. And you can’t say that about every other area in the park.

So if you remember your smallest visitors when designing and building your water park, you’ll attract visitors of all sizes.

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