The Largest Splash Pad We’ve Built

July 18th, 2022

Everyone here at Empex Watertoys® is pleased to announce that we’ve been chosen to create the children’s Splash pad for Rawae Company’s new Cyan Waterpark in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. At over 12,000 sq.ft., it will be one of the largest splash pads in the world when completed.

About Splashpark

A dynamic water playground, the splash pad will feature 43 interactive water features, all designed and built by the team here at Empex. Our team took full advantage of the space made available to us for the layout. If you did nothing else, it would be a blast just to play around in the shallow waters of the splash pad. Even within groups of water toys, their layout is more spacious, making the entire installation feel even bigger than it really is.

Of course, we were able to add just about every water toy there is to the design. This includes waterslides, tipping buckets, water pump sprayers, fountains, water totters, water shooters, just to name a few.

CYAN Water Park

Many years in the making, the CYAN Water Park will sprawl across 120,000 square metres. It will have over 30 water games and features catering to children and adults. And our splash pad will be a fun and interactive place for even the littlest children to enjoy.

More Water-Themed Attractions in Jeddah

Located on the Red Sea, Jeddah is already known for its beaches and laid-back attitude. The city is a unique combination of centuries old culture, traditions, and ultra modern attractions. In addition to CYAN, the city is home to a number of outstanding, water-themed attractions. These include the 1,000 ft. tall King Fahd Fountain, and the Fakieh Aquarium. In addition, the Al Rahma Mosque, which draws worshippers from across the country, sits over the water along the shoreline.

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