The Most Important Part in All Spray Park Equipment | Nov. 25th, 2019

November 25th, 2019

OK, we’re going to skip the suspense and get to the point. The most important part of any piece of spray park equipment is the material it’s made from. If you manage or are planning to install a splash pad or spray park, you might be considering different formats of water toys to fit with the desired mix of equipment for your target customers.

But what the equipment does and how it works are really secondary to many other issues that are directly linked to the material used in its construction.

Why Material Quality is So Important for Spray Park Equipment

On the surface, it can seem like all water park features are made of the same materials. But we can guarantee that they are not (more on that later). Here’s why it’s important that you choose water park equipment of the best quality, highest-value materials.

Safety – Of course, safety priority number one for any amusement park. The exact material you choose can affect the safety of the equipment in many ways:

Electrical Conductivity: Even coated metal parts will conduct electricity more than nonferrous materials.

Heat Conductivity: Water playgrounds are meant to be enjoyed in the sun. Except the sun can cause playground equipment to heat up to the point of being painful to the touch, or even cause mild burns.

Design Flexibility: Even if you find a material that is low in electrical and heat conductivity, the material itself can limit the design of the water feature. In turn, that will not only limit designers’ imagination, but their ability to design safety into everything they design.

Strength & Durability – The strength and durability of the material also helps your water park in many ways.

Lower Construction & Installation Costs – Higher strength, lower weight materials lets designers develop features that do not require complex and costly foundations. And they can be set in place with less effort.

Lower Maintenance Costs – High-strength, non-fade composite plastics mean fewer repairs and the downtime that comes with them.

Longer Product Lifecycles – Built-in durability means you won’t have to worry about the costs of sourcing, purchasing and installing new equipment for a longer than usual.

So why did we say we could guarantee that not all spray park equipment is made of the same materials? From the beginning, we at Empex understood the importance of material quality for our products. When we couldn’t find anything that met our standards, we developed our own.

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