The Secret to Choosing the Right Water Park Equipment | Dec. 18th, 2019

December 18th, 2019

Planning for the development, design and construction of a water park is at least as complicated as for any building project. In addition to the usual requirements of meeting budgets, building codes and the needs of everyone who uses the structure, the success of a water park can rest on a single area of decision making: choosing water park equipment.

Equipment mix, safety factors and costs are all important parts of planning, acquiring and installing water park equipment. But there is another, relatively simple criterion that can become a critical part of making the right equipment decisions.

The Importance of Water Park Equipment Materials

The materials that go into the construction of your water park play features can affect the success of the park in more ways than most of us realize.

Increased Safety – Surface cracks, pinch points between sections, electrical conductivity and heat transference are all serious safety considerations for every water toy in your park. And they can be minimized or eliminated as a hazard by choosing equipment made from high quality composites and specialty plastics.

Lower Maintenance Costs – Maintaining water park play equipment can be a daily chore. Considering the ravages of the sun and chlorinated water, corrosion, discolouration and oxidation are constant threats to the surfaces of your play equipment. The finish of the materials used in the construction of the equipment is critical to minimizing both day-to-day and long-term maintenance costs.

Longer Equipment Life Cycles – Ask any experienced water park manager and they will tell you that the cost of replacing equipment sooner than budgets allow is one of the highest unexpected costs of operating a water park. It’s not just about equipment costs either. You need to remove the old equipment and install the new features.

The materials used by your water park equipment manufacturer will not only determine the life cycle of your equipment, but also how costly it is to remove it and install replacements.

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