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The Surprising Versatility of Splash Pad Tipping Buckets | Aug. 3rd, 2021

Splash Pad Tipping Buckets

August 3rd, 2021

From jack-in-the-boxes to treats in piñatas, the element of surprise has been used to entertain children of all ages for hundreds of years. While we may be biased, we think splash pad tipping buckets are the water play equipment with the biggest and most fun surprise of all.

In splash pads and water parks around the world, tipping buckets, or bucket dumps, are among the most popular water features. One of the reasons for their popularity is people from two years old on up enjoy tipping buckets.

Still, for most of us, when we think of tipping buckets, we think of a large bucket filling with water and tipping over at random times. While that’s the basic function of every bucket dump water toy, the variations will surprise you.

Check Out These Tipping Bucket Variations

The following are just a few options for bucket dumps. They are all suitable for ages 2+.

Aquadunk Dillo

We chose this one first because it has all the elements of regular bucket dumps, but it introduces the idea of creating different themes for them. For splash pad and spray park managers, this gives them the option to have more bucket dump options without feeling too repetitive.


The Aquadrop combines a tipping bucket feature with a continuous spray feature. It can stand alone or work in other water features, like a lazy river, where riders will know they will get the continuous spray, but not sure if they’ll bet the bucket dump too!


Interactivity helps increase the fun quotient of any splash pad equipment. In this case, two water shooters and two tipping vessels combine to create a fun game where users aim their water shooter at the water fill opening of their opponent’s tipping bucket. The faster they fill the bucket, the sooner a splash hits their opponent.

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