The Surprising Versatility of Splash Pad Tipping Buckets | Aug. 3rd, 2021

Splash Pad Tipping Buckets

Joy of Splash-a-thon with Tipping Buckets in Water Parks

From jack-in-the-boxes to treats in piñatas, the element of surprise has been used to entertain children of all ages for hundreds of years. Want to create something similar in your splash pad? Our creatively designed and carefully engineered tipping buckets for water parks are the water play equipment you need to construct the biggest and most fun surprise of all.

In splash pads and spray parks around the world, tipping water buckets, or bucket dumps, are among the most popular water features. One of the reasons for this popularity is it can be enjoyed by everyone from children (2+ years) to adults.

Still, for most, when they think of tipping buckets, it’s usually a large bucket filled with water that tips over at random times. While that’s the basic function of every bucket dump water toy, the variations by Empex Water Toys will surprise and excite you. They make the perfect addition to jazz up a splash pad.

Tipping Bucket Variations by Empex Water Toys: What We Offer

At Empex Water Toys, we design and engineer high-quality, innovative, and pleasing-to-the-eyes spray park features that will appeal to all ages. We have a wide array of water toys and features to enhance the fun of splashing and soaking in the water, and the tipping bucket is our pride and joy. We have multiple variations in tipping buckets for water parksThese contraptions stand apart from the usual ones seen at every theme park and water entertainment center. Let’s give you a quick walkthrough of our bucket dump creations, all suitable for ages above two years of age.

Aquadunk Dillo

We chose this one first because it has all the elements of regular bucket dumps, but it introduces the idea of creating different themes for them. For splash pad and spray park managers, this gives them the option to have more bucket dump options without feeling too repetitive.


The Aquadrop combines the water tipping bucket design with a continuous spray feature. It can stand alone or work in other water features, like a lazy river, where riders will know they will get the continuous spray, but are not sure if they’ll get under the deluge of the bucket dump too!


Interactivity helps increase the fun quotient of any splash pad equipment. In this case, two water shooters and two tipping vessels combine to create a fun game where users aim their water shooter at the water to fill the opening of their opponent’s tipping bucket. The faster they fill the bucket, the sooner a splash hits their opponent.

These are some of the variations we at Empex Water Toys offer our clients looking for tipping water buckets and similar features.

Why Empex Water Toys for Splash Pad Tipping Buckets?

Empex Water Toys has been serving amusement and aqua parks across Canada and the US for years with its innovative water toys and features. We back our unique designs with advanced mechanics and engineering to make them visually stunning, easy to operate and maintain. What makes us different from our industry peers?

Quality Assurance: We offer 100% quality assurance in all our designs and creations. Installing our tipping bucket water fountain will get you the desired attention. Your amusement park attendees can have a fun time while the business flourishes.

Robust Construction: We build our products using high-quality materials. Instead of using metals, which can degrade over time, we use specialty and composite plastics. These are corrosion-resistant and offer more stability than other materials. Plus, they are super-light, which makes them easy to install.

Exclusive Designs: We take pride in our unique and eye-catching designs that appeal to people of all ages. Our designers are always looking for ways to transcend the boundaries of creativity with their layout and colour incorporation, adding extra flair to the water toys.

Customizations: Want your design to be completely different from others? Well, we have provisions for that as well. Our team can customize the design and colours based on your preference. Reach out to our experts, and they will walk you through the rest.

From tipping water buckets for water parks to other splash pad features, we have the most extensive design range that will add more colour, fun, and vibrancy to your theme park. Call us today, and we will be happy to answer all your queries.


1. How many days will it take for you to ship the water toy feature?

It usually takes from 4-6 weeks to deliver a product to the client. It can take additional 30 days for international shipping. However, we can make exceptions for emergency orders. Call us to know more.

2. Do you incorporate colour changes into your designs?

If you are not happy with the original colour combination of the tipping water bucket, we can change and customize the shades and tones as per your preference.

3. Are these safe for younger children?

Absolutely! Our water toys are completely safe for all above the age of 2 years.

4. Do you ship your creations to the US?

Yes, we ship internationally to different parts of the US.

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