The Types of Water Toys to Consider When Planning a Splash Park | Feb. 27th, 2018

February 27th, 2018

If you’re part of the planning for a new splashpad, you have a lot to think about. Th first thing might be to determine how much space you have. If you’re retrofitting an existing water feature, like an inground pool, there may be limitations to what you can add.

But, whether you have to squeeze your spray park into an existing configuration, or you have a blank slate for planning purposes, there are certain basic types of water park toys you should consider. Of course, if you could include every different type of water toy, your splash pad will be more complete, but any of them will make it more fun.

Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment in a Splash Park

This is the largest category of splash pad equipment by far. Regardless of its configuration, your splash pad will likely have at least one feature that sprays water, if not several. Children of all ages simply enjoy getting sprayed by water or trying to get away from the spray. Including fun, stylized plants, animals, creative shapes, and/or themed equipment, you’ll have a lot to choose in spray equipment for your splash park.

Interactive Water Toys

Interactive Water Toys in a Splash Park

If your visitors enjoy being sprayed, imagine how much more fun they have when they actually activate the spray. Whether it’s from the pedal power of a Waterbike, or the pressure from using a Watertotter, it’s as much fun to spray as it is to be sprayed.


Dunkers in a Splash Park

Spraying is one thing but getting doused with a lot of water at once is a whole new level of getting soaked. Dunkers, including the anticipation-building Aquadunker and waterfall-style water toys, add a different dimension to any splash pad configuration.

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