The World’s First Special-Needs Waterpark | April 17th, 2019

April 17th, 2019

With waterpark season ramping up – at least in the northern hemisphere – this spring will be the third for a new type of water park. Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first Ultra-Accessibletm theme park will open Morgan’s Inspiration Island, the world’s first fully accessible special-needs water park, for the season in May 2019.

What Makes Morgan’s Inspiration Island so Accessible

After noticing his special-needs daughter, Morgan, having difficulty interacting with other children in a hotel swimming pool, her parents Gordon and Maggie Hartman set out to do something about it.

The result is Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas. And here’s what makes Morgan’s Inspiration Island an aqua park of inclusion.

1) It Has Everything You Would Expect – Inspiration Island features five different tropical-themed splash pads spread across three acres. The splash pad equipment and entire water play area is wheelchair accessible, as are all the amenities in the area. Water park designers made no decision or provisions that weren’t primarily focused on the safety and enjoyment of people with disabilities.

2) It Has a Few Things You Might Not Have Thought Of – Imagine a regular wheelchair in water all day. So Inspiration Island offers visitors three different sizes of waterproof wheelchairs, the services of a wheelchair valet, provisions for privately transferring out of their regular chairs, and it’s all offered free of charge. When Inspiration Island opened, it was also the debut of the PneuChairtm, a waterproof, motorized, compressed-air-powered wheelchair. People with special needs also get complimentary waterproof bags for ventilators and 02 water collar covers for guests who need to cover tracheas in water.

3) Temperature-Controlled Water – Heated water is provided for anyone who is sensitive to cold water or who cannot tolerate unheated water.

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