Things to Know Before Starting a Water Park | Jan. 7th, 2021

January 7th, 2021

The cost-effectiveness and profitability of water-themed parks make them attractive investments.

Developers, and the owners and operators of existing theme parks, amusement parks, and resorts, choose to include water parks, including indoor water parks, in their projects for many reasons. These include drawing more guests, increase profitability and even attract investment.

But, from the intricacies of water park design to optimizing guest experiences, there are many considerations that aren’t always immediately apparent before starting a water park.

3 Factors in Starting a Water Park

Many of the points below may sound obvious, especially for experienced developers and business managers. But, as attractive as they are as a business opportunity, the success of any water-themed amusement park development hinges on a few key criteria.

Design – There are many interconnected factors in designing a water theme park. To give you a quick idea of the design challenges you’ll face, unlike other amusement parks, guests of all ages, from the very youngest, to the very oldest, enjoy water play features.

You need features and equipment to appeal to almost every demographic, or at least to be able to accommodate them. That makes the park layout very important, including different areas for different demographics, and considering the flow of guests as they play. With personal safety the top priority in every consideration.

Water Park Equipment – Again, there are many layers to choosing the right water toys for your park. Of course, choosing features that are attractively designed to appeal to guests is important. But you also must consider the costs of maintenance schedules; scalability costs of moving, removing and installing new attractions; and the overall durability of the materials used to build the features.

Park Operations/Guest Experience – Of the many reasons for the profitability of water parks, families are key. First, every family with young children has a potential champion for your water park as a family member. The “pester power” of young children should not be underestimated.

When they pester parents to go to the water park, not only do you host the children, you get the whole family, including extended family members. And, if they have the right experience, they will stay all day.

Your operations, safety measures, concessions, and everything else we’ve mentioned above, must be focused on optimizing the guest experience, for your champions, and every one they bring to your property.

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